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What is a Basement Impact Assessment?

Building basements is becoming something very common feature in new or existing developments, but if you’re planning this kind of build then you need to complete a basement impact assessment as requested by your local authority.

Here’s all you need to know about base impact assessments.

Why is a basement impact assessment important?

When building a basement there is potential for problems to arise concerning groundwater levels, flooding and biodiversity. Once you have submitted your planning application, your local authority may come back to you with a basement impact assessment to determine that your plans meet appropriate regulations and that any impacts are justified.

It’s not just your Local Authority who you will need to appease as there are other regulations and policies that should be met including Building Regulations, Environmental Health standards and Utility Provider requirements. It’s important to hire an experienced team especially if your basement plans are in London as boroughs tend to be more stringent due to space restrictions within the city.

What’s involved in a basement impact assessment?

Screening and Scoping Reports – Risk-based reports will be completed to assess the potential impact of the build. Factors such as surface flow and flooding, local groundwater flow, land stability and the structural stability of adjoining/neighbouring properties.

Ground Investigation Reports – Next, ground investigations will be conducted to assess soil and groundwater conditions. Drilling equipment will be used in restricted areas such as within existing basements, light-wells, buildings, low headroom areas, rear gardens and on steep slopes, where conventional equipment cannot be mobilised.

Impact analysis – Finally, we will assess the effects that your basement project will have on ground movements as well as neighbouring structures, slope stability and groundwater flows using specialist analytical software such as Pdisp, Xdisp, SlopeW and ModFlow (three-dimensional finite-difference groundwater modelling).

Once the assessment has been completed the findings can be sent to your local authority who will decide whether to authorise the build.

At Imperium Engineering, our professional team has vast experience in completing basement impact assessments. We have completed multiple projects across London, Kent and Essex. Whether you have a new or old home, we’ll assess the condition of your property to ensure that your basement plans go ahead smoothly. Contact us today at or 020 3441 7606 for more information.

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