Extensions and House Modifications

Imperium Engineering can take part from the minor structural alterations as knocking down a wall to loft conversions and house extensions. Imperium Engineering provides all the structural calculations, structural design and layout for all project sizes.

On most of the cases one of our valuable structural engineers visits the site for inspection of the property and to determine all any additional measurements if needed.

New Build Properties

Imperium Engineering engineers are capable to take a comprehensive responsibility in wide ranges of developments from a single storey house to multiple storeys developments.

Our Engineers on board work cooperatively with all parties on each project to deliver the most desired designs and ensuring that all parties are happy.

Basements and Retaining walls

Imperium Engineering can provide all the structural designs for existing basements or new build ones. As Imperium Engineering expertise are able to determine the types of foundation needed and design them accordingly alongside all types of retaining walls needed to support the structural design of the basement.

Public Projects and Industrial Projects

Imperium Engineering is capable of taking a dully comprehensive responsibility in providing the structural designs for public projects as public car parks, schools, community centres and all public facilities. Also, Imperium Engineering can take part in the extension or new build industrial spaces as warehouses and all other facilities.

Structural Calculations

Here is a list of services we provide for structural calculations.
  • Beams
  • Steel Connection details & calculations
  • Padstones
  • Columns
  • Base plates
  • Strip foundation
  • Raft foundation
  • Underpinning calculations & details
  • Pile foundation
  • Suspended Concrete Slab
  • Ground bearing concrete slab
  • Rafter Size Calculation
  • Flat roof joist calculation
  • Timber trimmer calculation
  • Flitch Plate beam calculations
  • Timber beam calculations
  • Masonry unit calculations
  • Wind post calculations
  • Retaining wall and basement design
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