Lewisham Library

Full Feasibility Study For a Library

The feasibility study included:

Site Evaluation: Assessing the site conditions, including soil stability, topography, geotechnical considerations, and potential environmental impacts.

Structural Design Analysis: Evaluating the proposed structural system, including the type of structure, load-bearing elements, and overall stability. This analysis may involve calculations, computer simulations, or structural modeling.

Material Selection: Considering the appropriate materials for the construction project, considering factors such as durability, cost, availability, and compatibility with the design requirements.

Cost Estimation: Estimating the overall cost of the project, including construction materials, labour, equipment, and any additional expenses associated with structural modifications or reinforcement.

Construction Techniques: Assessing the construction methods and techniques required for the project, including considerations for the sequence of construction, site access, and potential impacts on adjacent structures or the surrounding environment.

Code Compliance: Verifying that the proposed design and construction plans adhere to relevant building codes, regulations, and industry standards to ensure structural safety and compliance with legal requirements.

Risk Assessment: Identifying potential risks or challenges associated with the proposed structure, such as seismic hazards, extreme weather conditions, or any other factors that may affect the structural integrity or long-term performance of the project.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact: Evaluating the environmental impact of the construction project, including energy efficiency, use of sustainable materials, waste management, and potential ecological consequences.

Recommendations: Providing recommendations and conclusions based on the findings of the feasibility study, outlining any necessary modifications, alternative solutions, or potential risks that need to be addressed before proceeding with the project

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