Bradfield Road, Royal Docks London


The development of the project was progressed in accordance with IStructE Plan of Work (RIBA Plan of Works 2020 ) with all stages been taken into consideration by Imperium Engineering and in coordination with all associated members of the project.

The initial proposal was to design a concrete structure with internal columns and walls continuous throughout the height of the building and perimeter beams to act as a frame with a slender core at the middle.

Internal columns were continuous to transfer loads directly to the foundations. Slab thickness was the same for all levels except mezzanine floor where the plant room was located.

The type of foundations are raft foundation on piles for the core and pile caps for perimeter and internal columns.

Viable solutions with standard practices in design and construction were proposed with less stringent solutions and repetition that makes the construction stage easier and more cost effective.

Simplicity of the solution was a key at the design stage, which was allowing flexibility in design and construction.


  • Coordination between architect contractor and engineers was one of the greatest challenges and the creation 5 different 3D models was required in a period of 5 months until all parties were satisfied with concept scheme.
  • Column size and position to accommodate maximum space internally and at the same time feasible structural design.
  • In terms of design, extra attention was given to foundation & vertical load take down. Our aim was to have structure with more uniformly distributed vertical loads between internal and external columns, thus avoiding further concentration of loads on perimeter columns.
  • Lateral stability; due to irregular shape plan and slender core, contribution of perimeter columns and rigidity of floors were essential for lateral stability.
  • One of the main challenges between models was that one of the proposed schemes was to have  a transfer slab  at Mezzanine Level. In other words, this meant:
  1. No continuity between Ground Floor and Mezzanine Floor for almost all internal top-to-down columns. (Ref. 1-4)
    1. Changes in the use of the area from offices to storage and plant rooms.
    1. Requirements to introduce RC walls at MZ level without continuity to GF.
  2. Proposed design was rejected by the client as the cost of construction and the risk of design was not taken into consideration by initial architect. New Architects were in alignment with initial concept design Imperium Engineering Engineers proposed.

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