General Questions

Imperium Engineering work on projects with different scales. The clients that we usually serve are:

1. Residential
2. Commercial
3. Public Projects
4. Industrial
5. Highways
6. Oil and Gas
7. Heritage Buildings
8. Underground Works

Yes this a very common project for us and we are always looking to deliver a first class service our customers can be proud of.

Yes this is the bread and butter so to speak for our engineers at imperium engineering.

Yes we have many experienced civil and structural engineers who can assist with all aspects of engineering required for a development project. We have worked on small 10 plot projects to 2000 plot projects with varying complexity and requirements.

Yes we produce structural details of elements we have designed however any floor plans or elevations are to be completed by an architect.

Yes and no. In some circumstances it may be possible to evaluate a soils bearing capacity by visual inspection only usually by inspecting a bore hole or trial hole, however to get an accurate assessment of the soils bearing capacity a soil investigation may be required.

Below is a link to a website of a soil investigation company we recommend and enjoy working with.

Structural engineers do not submit your drawings to a certifier or to the council. Application fees need to be paid when submitting plans and these costs are not included in the imperium engineering’s quote. This service is normally performed by a builder or building designer.

If the damage is not evident on the surface of the building, a visual inspection by a structural engineer will not be able to determine the extent of the damage without exposing the required areas.

When doing damage assessments, our structural engineers will not be able to see behind walls or in hidden spaces any better than you can. They look for indications of movement and damage, but unless the cladding is removed or the roof space is totally accessible, structural engineers cannot find every building defect or locate every problem.

No. Even if your new house or renovation is designed by a structural engineer, you will not receive a guarantee that your building will never crack. Cracks might even occur in the first six months after construction. That’s because there are a vast amount of reasons cracks appear in buildings – and not all of them indicate poor construction or design techniques.

Cracks or concerns with new buildings should be taken up with the builder in the first instance. An inspection by the structural engineer that designed your property should be arranged if you aren’t satisfied with the explanation or rectification procedure proposed by the builder.

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