About Imperium

Imperium Engineering is your gateway to a quality service, delivering projects fully specified with accompanying calculations, and on time.

Our team of professionals are experienced in both private and public projects. The mission is to provide all clients with a supportive and transparent service from the beginning to end. We do not take on work unless it can be delivered on time and to a high standard.

Our stated objective is that all projects are designed and completed in accordance with industry regulatory standards. Our chartered engineering team checks every design. Each project is passed through a checking process to ensure designs are cost efficient and practical.

Our Experts

Please click on the 'Meet Us' link below to find our expert structural and temporary works engineers.

About Us

Some members of our board have been providing engineering services since 1987 in fields as diverse as residential, transportation, Oil and Gas industry, and a broad range of commercial projects.

We have specialists in each of these fields and draw on associates outside of our organisation when appropriate and necessary to produce a high-level solution for sophisticated projects.

For our domestic clients, be they one-off self-builds, builders or developers, we like to make you feel welcome and keep you informed throughout the project. No project is too small.

On large designs and projects, we do a careful analysis to ensure we are your best partner for the job. Where appropriate we will guide you to partners that fit with your project.

Value Workforce, better environment for everyone

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